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Community Groups



What is a Community Group Leader?

A CG Leader will be someone who will serve along side of the pastors of Wellspring to disciple the people who attend their group. A leader will lead in Bible studies, prayer and set the spiritual tone for the group. A leader is not a perfect person with all the answers, but a person who is willing to seek the Lord for guidance and direction for the group. A CG Leader will be trained, advised and be accountable to the pastors of Wellspring.


What is a Host Home?

Host Home is simply the place where the group will gather. This home may vary through out the year, so that it is not a burden for one family.


What do Community Groups do?

CG’s are a place where community will be experienced, gospel conversations will happen, and where your faith will grow through studying God’s Word and prayer. Groups will vary on what happens in each home, but a safe place will be created to share your life with one another. CG’s will be a place where you will Belong, know people and be known by people.

When do Community Groups gather?

CG’s will meet on various days at different times. We will have all groups listed on the Hub with detailed information about each group. Each group will set meeting times and days, but we desire for CG’s to meet at least once a month. 

What is the typical number of people in a CG?

Typical would be 12-16. Some are bigger and some are smaller. No group is too small but a group can be too big. We will open more CG’s as needed to hopefully keep numbers at no more that 16.

What about childcare?

Each group has the responsibility for the childcare in their groups. No child care will be provided by  Wellspring.


Do people have to be in groups their own age?

No. We love diversity at Wellspring. Hopefully groups will be made up of people from your neighborhood. 


Is there any financial cost?

There are usually some costs involved with helping to provide food or refreshments from time to time. Costs may include buying a book for a study or social activities that the group may participate in. A CG will never be a place where money, or the lack of it, will determine who can attend. 


Do groups gather all year long?

Groups are encouraged to meet all year long, but are free to take breaks when appropriate and necessary. Our desire is to have groups set in semesters, so there will be a beginning and an end. Semesters will help new people feel welcomed when a new semester begins. Each group is free to decide how often they meet and when they take breaks, understanding that biblical community is not a seasonal activity, but it is a place to Belong.  

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